Fight The Dark Invasion In The New Real-Time Combat Game, Armor Blitz!

The free-to-play game, Armor Blitz, throws players into the world of Valhalla where the souls of history’s most recent war tanks enjoy the afterlife as cute anime tank girls. As their General, command the sexy tanks and fight against the strong, unknown force that is about the take over the world.


Test your strategic combat skills in this free-to-play browser game, Armor Blitz, now available on Nutaku.

The Background

Armor Blitz takes place in the world of Valhalla, where the souls of army tanks ascend and manifest themselves as cute anime tank girls. In the afterlife for fallen warriors, every character represents the soul of a historical military vehicle dating back to WWII, up to the early Cold War Era. For example, the M5 Stuart served the USA in WWII but now she rests in Valhalla where she is renamed Stella and loves fruit salad. The other beings of the world are the souls of firearms that are manifested as cute cats, and antitank weapons that are rabbits.

Players take on the role of the General, leading the anime tank girls to defend their world against a never-ending darkness called The Corruption. It either devours everything in its path or enslaves innocent beings to carry out its will. It is up to players to command the army of cute anime tank girls and determine why this force is attacking. Can you help save Valhalla and the sexy tanks?


The Battle

By combining real-time decision making and the excitement of collecting cards, Armor Blitz is a challenging free-to-play game where you assemble an army of cute anime girls for battle. The army resembles a traditional deck in a collectible card game where the player must strategize and plan beforehand. In battle, tank girls are “drawn” from your army that creates a hand you must fight with. Each tank has a ranking that correlates to different advantages and weaknesses. For example, the Tank Destroyer is a long range unit with slow attack speed whereas the Light Tank is fast and light armored.

As the battle begins, players must deploy characters on the battlefield that will then push toward the enemy commander. In other words, players must drag and drop troops into a tug of war battle. As their commanding officer however, you will do more than just drag and drop. Once on the battlefield, it is up to you to activate their special skills. If it weren’t for you, your army may not have enough power to defeat the evil forces. It is also up to you when to set off the canon. With a limit of three charges, your decisions are crucial to the survival of the troops. The real-time combat encourages you to constantly think about your moves within the limited time of the battle.


The Factory

Unlike other war games, Armor Blitz has a unique feature called The Factory. As per usual, players can unlock new units that have special abilities. But The Factory allows gamers to not only upgrade existing tanks, but create their own tanks. Throughout the game, players collect oil, metal, and currency to use to construct their own tanks. The construction time of the tank depends on its rarity but the process can be sped up by using Cores. This feature very much engages players in the recruitment of their army.

Players must also actively maintain their troops with the upgrading system. They can upgrade troops that have not been equipped yet or exchange older tanks for currency. The Factory offers players better management of their anime tanks and more control over the outcome of the battle.


Bonus Features

Armor Blitz also includes unique features called Emblems and The Wishing Wheel. Players are already very engaged in the management of the army, but Emblems give players even more control of their tanks. As Emblems improve a tank’s stats, imagine the possibilities of equipping up to three Emblems per tank. An Emblem can improve a tank’s critical rate, their armor, their penetration, their accuracy, and even their speed.
Players can also help their game progress by logging into Armor Blitz every day. Players get a daily reward as well as a chance at spinning the Wishing Wheel. The Wishing Wheel gives players an additional daily prize and all they need to do is spin the wheel. You can win candies for your troops, super rare characters to join your army or metal to help construct a new unit! The Wishing Wheel can only be spun once per day but for only 100 Cores, you can spin it again and get another chance at a better prize.



While you can pay for upgrades, you can generally level up by playing strategically and winning rounds. Manage your troops and save the world from The Corruption. Your progress can be saved and accessed as long as you are a member of the platform. You can play the game, available on Nutaku, here.

If you are a fan of anime games, strategic real-time combat games, and beautiful anime tank girls, you’ll want to try Armor Blitz right away. Head to to play for free and check out other free-to-play games on the platform.


About Nutaku

Pioneer of the Adult Video Game industry in Western society, Nutaku debuted its platform with four Japanese-inspired video games in December 2014. Currently displaying over 100 games, the platform has expanded from distributing solely hentai-based games to including a few Western-inspired games. Exploding with adult content, games range from Action Adventure and City Building to Role Playing Games (RPG) and Visual Novels.

The platform distributes mobile games, a wide variety of downloadable games and free-to-play games. With over 25 million monthly visits, Nutaku ranks as the top Adult Video Game platform for an English audience. Nutaku also has SFW versions of several titles that have been well-received by fans. Examples include Girls on Tanks , Flower Knight Girl , and the Kamihime Project .

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