Manga ‘Drifters’ Bundles New OVA Episode

Publishing company Shounen Gahousha announced on Wednesday that the sixth special edition volume of Kouta Hirano’s historical manga Drifters will bundle a new OVA episode. Titled “The Outlandish Knight,” the OVA will serve as the anime series’ 15th episode. The volume goes on sale on November 30 with a pre-order deadline of October 15.Hirano began penning Drifters in April 2009, and the manga is currently publishing in Young King OURs magazine. Shounen Gahousha published the fifth compiled volume in June 2016. An anime project that commemorated Shounen Gahousha’s 70th anniversary adapted the manga into a 41-minute OVA that was bundled with the fifth volume, and a TV anime by Hoods Drifters Studio in Fall 2016. The 13th and 14th unaired episodes were released as a standard and limited edition Blu-ray in December 2017.

Dark Horse licensed the manga in English and published the fifth volume on January 9 earlier this year. Funimation released the anime series in North America on a Blu-ray and DVD volume last October.

Source: Shounen Gahousha

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