Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise Announces 40th Anniversary Project

A press conference for Mobile Suit Gundam franchise held on Wednesday has announced its 40th anniversary project. Titled Beyond, the project includes: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin TV broadcast, new Gundam Build series work, SD Gundam World Sangoku Souketsuden, Gundam G no Reconguista recap movie, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Senkou no Hathaway movie trilogy. The project’s theme song is “THE BEYOND” by Sugizo, who is part of LUNA SEA and X Japan. Four different visuals for the project have also revealed, collaborating different characters of the franchise.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, which was released as an ONA series between 2015 to 2018, will be broadcast on TV as a 13-episode series. It will premiere next April via NHK G. Luna Sea will perform opening theme song, while Sugizo will be performing ending theme song.

A new work for the Gundam Build series is in production. More information including the format will be announced at a later time.

Commemorating 30th anniversary of SD Gundam series, a new work titled SD Gundam World Sangoku Souketsuden is in production.

A recap movie of Gundam G no Reconguista, with new scenes added, will premiere on Japanese theater next year.

A 3-part movie adaptation of the Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senkou no Hathaway novel, which was written by Yoshiyuki Tomino between February 1989 to May 1990, has officially announced. It is part of the UC NexT 0100 project, which was announced this April with Mobile Suit Gundam NT, which will be premiered in November 30.

The project also includes stage adaptation and concerts of Gundam 00 series. Titled Hakai ni Yoru Saisei – Re:Build, the stage will be held between February 15 to 24 of next year. Two concerts have been decided so far: Film concert will be held next summer, while music concert will be held next fall.

Gundam Factory Yokohama, a part of Gundam Global Challenge, is also planned for 2020. A project of adding movement to the huge robot that displays in Odaiba will be held in Yokohama.

Sunrise’s Gundam franchise has been ongoing since the first TV anime series was released in April 1979 It was followed by Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta in 1985,, ZZ in 1986, the film Char’s Counterattack in 1988, SD in 1988, 0080 in 1989, F91 and 0083 in 1991, Victory, G in 1994, Wing in 1995, The 08th MS Team and After War Gundam X in 1996, Turn A in 1999, SEED in 2002, 00 in 2007, Unicorn in 2010, AGE in 2011, Build Fighters in 2013, G no Reconguista in 2014, The Origin and Iron-Blooded Orphans, Thunderbolt in 2015, Twilight AXIS in 2017, and Divers which aired this spring.

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