O/A’s Keiji Watarai Ends Piyoko to Makaichou no Hime-sama Manga

The January 2019 issue of Kadokawa‘s Monthly Comp Ace magazine published the final chapter on November 26 of Keiji Watarai‘s Piyoko to Makaichou no Hime-sama manga. Watarai said in the author comments for the magazine, “it’s time to say goodbye to Hime-sama and her friends for now, but I hope I can meet with them again someday.”

Watarai launched the manga in the magazine in August 2017, and Kadokawa published the manga’s first volume on March 24. The company will publish the manga’s second volume on December 26.

The gag manga’s story takes place in Makai-chō, a town for supernatural beings somewhere in Japan, and it follows the everyday lives of young women who live there after a human named Piyoko moves to the town.

JManga published part of Watarai’s O/A manga in English digitally before the site shut down in May 2013.

Source: Monthly Comp Ace January issue

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