Straight Eye for the Moe Guy: 7 Moe Boys in Anime

Moe boys! Is there any other reason to click this article?

Consider This

Gif From Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun. Doga Kobo.

I was given a noble quest! To pry the word moe from the oppressive clutches of a single gender and distribute it evenly to all those that deserve it! From the near shores of shounen anime, to the remote recesses of its female equivalent, I will search far and wide for males capable of wielding the grand power of moe. For all those that can be described as cute, adorable, or even with a smile worth protecting merit the reputation and sparkly backgrounds that come with the noble title. With a mighty bellow that comes deep within my lungs, I will proclaim that “It doesn’t matter as long as they are cute!” as my heart whispers a silent, “It’s just a bromance… not that there would be anything wrong with it if that weren’t the case…” in an attempt to hold onto my fragile heterosexuality.

Join me. Will you? For all that are cute, adorable, and lovable depend on it.

1. Mochizou Ooji

From Tamako Market

Boy Points at Blush

Screenshot from Tamako Market. Kyoto Animation.

Nothing is more moe than first love and this kid has got a seriously bad case of it. He is smitten by his childhood friend, and title character, Tamako Kitashirakawa, which causes him to fumble through his pure emotions whenever she is around. Unfortunately for him, she is afflicted with a tragic case of DMCD (Dense Main Character Disease) and there isn’t any proper conclusion to his feelings in the show. And that’s why there is a whole after-movie that deals with just that.

2. Hayato Shinomiya

From Kiss Him, Not Me

Little Brother Zoned

Screenshot from Kiss Him, Not Me. Brain’s Base.

Moe through helplessness. Hayato Shinomiya may act like a no-nonsense member of the nursing committee, but his harsh attitude soon melts away amongst any sign of adversity. Prone to fainting in haunted houses and shying away from physical confrontations, it hard not to root for the young man when he tried to overcome his fear and shortcomings.

3. Honey-Senpai

From Ouran High School Host Club

Can You Resist that Face?

Screenshot from Ouran High School Host Club. Bones.

Actually his name is Mitsukuni Haninozuka, but honestly who remembers that? Honey-senpai better represents this bundle of sweetness that is every bit as saccharin as the cakes he enjoys … when he wants to be. Regardless, we now go from moe through helplessness, to a weaponized form of moe-dom. He knows exactly how cute he is and he is no stranger to using his natural talents to make him a successful member of the Host Club. Though on the more literal side of things, his childish looks belie the fact that this seemingly young boy is a martial arts prodigy that even the Minister of Defense in Japan acknowledges.

Seriously, don’t mess with Honey-Senpai or Usa-chan.

4. Gasper Vladi

From High School DxD New

Don't Open that Box! There's a Trap in there!

Screenshot from High School DxD New. TNK.

Gasper sorta comes out of left field in a show where the double set of Ds in the title more aptly describes most of the girls in the cast than any of its plot points. This bit of male moe is a dhampiric bundle of insecurities all wrapped up in a cardboard box and that’s not my bad attempt at an awkward metaphor. He literally prefers to stay in a cardboard box. Though his shy and reclusive nature only hides the fact that he has one of the most broken powers in the series – time manipulation. This makes him quite the force to be reckoned with whenever he decides to break out of his cardboard security blanket. His struggle with social anxiety is enough to prompt anyone to shout an enthusiatic, “Do your best, Gasper!” when he pushes his tiny body.

5. Mikoto Mikoshiba

From Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

Mikorin in Natural Habitat

Screenshot from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun. Doga Kobo.

Mikorin finds himself in a lot of trouble, but it really is his own damn fault. Which is why it’s so much fun to see him struggle through embarrassment in this series. The poor boy has all of the looks of a ladykiller but none of the confidence; combine that with a mouth that sometimes goes on autopilot and he soon crash lands into moments he isn’t prepared for and becomes all pretty-boy-bark with none of its follow-through-bite. Instead, this failed playboy would rather sit at home and talk with girls he’s more comfortable with; the beautiful anime girls in the galge (bishoujo games) he plays.

On a side note: Nozaki realizes that his traits cross over into female moe territory too.

6. Astolfo

From Fate/Apocrypha

Trap Class Servant: Astolfo

Screenshot from Fate/Apocrypha. A-1 Pictures.

In legends, Astolfo is said to be the most handsome member of Charlemagne’s paladins; apparently handsome used to mean “so utterly cute it could only exist in an anime.” Much like the actual legendary figure, Astolfo is full of optimism, wanderlust, and a good bit of fun. Fate/Apocrypha then takes all these traits and multiplies them exponentially to turn him into a fluff ball of positive energy and good intentions that likes to dress in woman’s clothing and explore the big wide world. It may be to the detriment of his master, but that won’t stop Astolfo from being the adorable little heroic spirit that he is.

7. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

From Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Would you like a Bath, Dinner, or...?

Screenshot from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

Okay, I’m cheating here a bit. We all know that he is actually a Hideyoshi and not a boy. Regardless, this young… whatever he is… has all the appeal to make his grandfather consider him the owner of unbelievable beauty and to have an underground market dedicated to pictures of him. In the end, whether he may like it or not, this blushing boy can make almost any outfit look good. Whether it be the boy’s school uniform, Chinese dress, or pajamas that are one unlucky movement away from falling off of him.

Honorable Mention: Alex Louis Armstrong

From Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Better than a Sparkling Vampire

Screenshot from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Bones.

The man sparkles all the time for goodness sakes!

Moe has been passed down through the Armstrong line for generations. It all started with great grandpappi Armstrong who noticed sparkles outlining his fine muscled figure when he decided to workout in a lush field of flowers. Since then, the men of the Armstrong line have mastered the art of the… okay, you get the joke by now. Enjoy your male moe everyone!

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