Sound! Euphonium The Movie: Oath’s Finale Anime Film Unveils New Cast, Visual

The official website for Kyoto Animation‘s Sound! Euphonium franchise revealed a new visual, staff, and cast on Friday for the Gekijōban Hibike! Euphonium: Chikai no Finale (Sound! Euphonium The Movie: Oath’s Finale), the second of two planned new films in the franchise.

The cast members new to the film include:

  • Sora Amamiya as Kanade Hisaishi (first year, euphonium)
  • Ayaka Nanase as Mirei Suzuki (first year, tuba)
  • Misaki Kuno as Satsuki Suzuki (first year, tuba)
  • Shimba Tsuchiya as Motomu Tsukinaga (first year, double bass)

The series’ cast — including Tomoyo KurosawaAyaka AsaiMoe ToyotaChika AnzaiHaruki IshiyaKonomi FujimuraYuri YamaokaKenjiro TsudaMiyuki KoboriMinako Kotobuki, and Takahiro Sakurai — are all returning as their characters Kumiko Ōmae, Hazuki Katō, Sapphire “Midori” Kawashima, Reina Kōsaka, Shūichi Tsukamoto, Natsuki Nakagawa, Yūko Yoshikawa, Takuya Gotō, Riko Nagase, Asuka Tanaka, and Noboru Taki.

Returning staff members include Mutsuo Shinohara (art director), Akiyo Takeda (color designer), Hiroyuki Takahashi (instrument designer), Kazuya Takao (director of photography), Yota Tsuruoka (sound director), and Masahiro Ōwada (music supervisor). The Senzoku Gakuen College of Music‘s Freshman Wind Ensemble also returns for music production cooperation and musical performance.

As previously announced, Tatsuya Ishihara is returning from the series to direct the film, and main writer Jukki Hanada is also returning to pen the script. Shoko Ikeda is returning from the series as character designer, and Akito Matsuda is returning as composer. Lantis is credited for music production. Shochiku is distributing the film.

Sound! Euphonium The Movie: Oath’s Finale’s story, Kumiko is now a second year and the senior player of the euphonium section. With new underclassmen joining the concert band, Kumiko will have to learn new things in order to deal with awkward and difficult underclassmen. She and third-year trumpeter Tomoe Kabe have been chosen to lead the new underclassmen members. Among the new members to Kumiko’s bass section are euphonist Kanade Hisaishi, whose appearances are deceiving; tuba player Mirei Suzuki, who cannot adapt to her new environment; tuba player Satsuki Suzuki, who wants to get along with Mirei; and double bassist Motomu Tsukinaga, who cannot talk about himself. Between the Sunrise Festival, chair placement auditions, and the competition, a number of problems quickly begin to arise.

Liz and the Blue Bird (Liz to Aoitori), the first of the two new films, opened in Japan on April 21. Eleven Artsscreened the film in Japanese with English subtitles and an English dub in the United States on November 9. The Japan Film Festival of San Francisco, which ran from September 28 to October 7 at the NEW PEOPLECinema, also screened the film. Anime Expo screened the film in July.

Source: Sound! Euphonium anime’s official website