The Top 12 Strongest Bleach Characters

Bleach is loaded with some of the most powerful fighters of any anime world. Here is a ranking of the 12 bleach characters we thought were the strongest.

Bleach Characters
The anime Bleach is loaded with strong warriors and fighters, both good and evil. In a series based so much on strength and fighting ability, there has to be a strongest. So with ability and power in its many forms, here are the 12 strongest characters of the Bleach anime.

Bleach Characters You Don’t Want to Mess With

12. Shinji Hirako

Shinji hiraki smiling

Shikai & Bankai:

Sakanade / Unknown


The former captain of the 5th Division, he is now the defacto leader of the Visored. As a former Shinigami captain, he possesses strong abilities and mastery of his zanpakto, Sakanade. Being part of the Visored, he is granted the abilities of a Hollow. Sakanade possesses the power to create a hypnotic mist that reverses a foes sense of movement. Up is down, left is right, forward is backward, and so forth. In his hollow mask, his abilities are greatly increased as well as the ability to use a cero attack. A tricky fighter to face, but one that knows how to defeat an enemy.


I hate to talk like I’m better’n you or whatever, but I’d like to just give you a little tip, as a guy who’s had a little experience at this job. When ya find yourself in a position of command, even if ya sympathize with ’em, ya can’t be too sensitive to your subordinates’ feelings. You do things how you wanna do ’em. An’ if doin’ it your own way doesn’t work out, then that just means the job ain’t for you.”

Shinji Hirako making a face

11. Jirou Souzousuke Shunsui Kyouraku

Jirou Kyouraku looking worried

Shikai & Bankai:

Katen Kyokotsu / Katen Kyokotsu: Karamatsu Shinju


The laid back, sake drinking, lazy captain of the 8th Division. One of the older and longest serving captains of the 13 Divisions. Although he doesn’t really like to fight at all, he is one of the better swordsmen of the Shinigami. He is a perceptive and insightful man who can see a person’s true self after meeting them. As one of the longest-serving captains, he has a great spiritual power and is able to use it when he needs to.

His Zanpakto, Katen Kyōkotsu, are a pair of swords that in their released form become large falchion blades. The blades’ main attack is interesting as the weapons like to play games. They make it so anyone within range, including Shunsui himself, play by their set rules, usually based of children’s games. It also can create a large aura around Shunsui making any opponent feel despair and sadness. While he may not have the desire to fight anyone and just wants to get sloshed on sake’ Shunsui can be a formidable foe if you drive him enough to have to fight.


“Then it can’t be helped. Drink, my friend! Since you won’t turn back, at least stay here for a while. Just a little while. All the other captains must have made their moves by now. This battle should be over soon. Until then, please stay here and drink to your heart’s content.”

Shunsui Kyouraku

10. Retsu Unohana

Retsu Unohana smiling

Shikai & Bankai:

Minazuki / Minazuki


A shinigami that has captained both the 11th and 4th Divisions. She is one of the longest serving captains amongst the 12 Divisions. Although she now helms the medical Division, she was once a ruthless criminal who loved to fight and killed many foes. She once went by the name Kenpachi, but gave it up to a young Kenpachi Zaraki who was able to injure her in battle.

She is able to use a series of small daggers she carries around to defend herself and also has her zanpakto, Minazuki, that turns into a giant green manta ray used for transportation. Her strongest skill may be as a healer, but her past shows a dark criminal who enjoyed fighting just as much as the young boy who she left her original name to all those years ago.


“There is only one Kenpachi every era. That is, a rule, and also an unavoidable destiny. Because, when a strong person finds another strong one, they stop using the sword just for themselves. Suddenly, their sword, is used to either kill or raise the other strong person.”

Retsu Unohana

9. Kenpachi Zaraki

kenpachi smiling

Shikai & Bankai:

Nozarashi / Unnamed


The captain of the 11th Division. Kenpachi is a gruff swordsman who is always looking for the next fight. He has been fighting since he was a young boy with no name, only gaining one after fighting the previous holder of the name Yachiru (Retsu) Unohana, and took the last name of the tough area where he grew up. He wears a special eye patch to hide his spiritual power just so he can make fights with weaker opponents even and more challenging.

He is a master of sword combat using Nozarashi, his zanpakto. When released, it turns Zaraki into an oni-like being making him a monstrously strong fighter. Always itching for a fight, he is one who has the power to take down any foe he so chooses as long as they are able to hang with him in battle.


“So you want to fight too? Fine, you can have them, but fight elsewhere. If you get in my way, I’ll chop you up first”

Kenpachi Zaraki turning around

8. Ulquiorra Cifer

ulquiorra looking grim




A very dangerous arrancar that causes a lot of problems for Ichigo and his friends. He has a calm nature to assess any foe or situation that stands before him. He uses a cero attack stronger than other arrancar as well as being able to harden his own spiritual power that he can fire like bullets. He possesses an ability to quickly regenerate himself making fighting him extremely difficult.

His zanpakto Murciélago, helps him transform into stronger forms of himself. His final form is one he has never had to use before with massive strength and power. His cold and calculating nature and his strength as the number 4 Espada make for a lethal combination to anyone who opposes him.


“Do not ask any questions. Do not say anything. You have no rights. What you hold in your hand is the rope to the guillotine above your friends’ necks. Nothing more. Understand, girl. This is not a negotiation, it’s an order.”

Ulquiorra Cifer

7. Gin Ichimaru

Gin trademark smile

Shikai & Bankai:

Shinso / Kamishini no Yari


This snake of a man was once the captain of the 3rd Division in Soul Society and served under Aizen in the 5th Division before that. He was revealed to be part of Aizen’s plan to wage war with the Soul Society and joined Aizen’s side. Many of his fellow Shinigami detested him for his insincerity and his constant smile that many felt was unsettling.

His zanpakto, Shinso, is devastating with an extended blade attack that can cut through anything, including whole cities, in a single swipe. The scariest attack, however, is Korose, in which the blade turns to dust. This dust can get into people’s bodies and wounds. With a simple command from Gin at any time, these particles can dissolve an opponent into nothing. A sneaky and untrustworthy opponent, but a very deadly one as well.


“I was just taking a walk and I dropped by to tease you.”

Gin Ichimaru

6. Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke Urahara smiling, holding his hat

Shikai & Bankai:

Benihime / Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame


The keeper of the small shop near Ichigo’s home where he sells Shinigami items and inventions. He was once captain of Division 12 and the founder of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. He is an intelligent man who tends to hide his thinking behind a laid back and relaxed attitude. As a result of his intelligence, he is quite an inventor and comes up with many items and weapons for him and others to use.

Urahara can defend himself in battle as he is a master of many combat techniques and a strong spiritual presence. His biggest weapon is his zanpakto, Benihime. Normally in the appearance of a cane sword, Benihime is able to launch powerful energy attacks against opponents and restructure beings and items, as well as destroy them. With a keen mind and a powerful weapon, Urahara is not a person to mess with in any world.


“Puh-Lease! I’m just a lowly-but-handsome merchant. How could I possibly perform Bankai?”

Kisuke Urahara

5. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nelliel smiling, kind




The former number 3 Espada, this Arrancar spends much of her days in her childlike form. As a runt, she possesses a healing slobber and the ability to swallow other arrancar’s cero attacks and spit them back at them. Her adult form is much more dangerous. She is able not only to absorb others cero attack, but she adds her own energy to make it even more dangerous. She also uses her zanpakto to turn into a centaur that greatly increases her strength and spiritual power. Her best attack is Lanzador Verde, where she uses her zanpakto as a powerful drill attack.


“Yep! Nel’s a serious maso-kiss, so it no fun if I don’t cry a lil!”

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck 3

4. Yoruichi Shihōin

Yoruichi looking grim

Shikai & Bankai:

Unknown / Unknown


A master martial artist who was once the captain of Division 2 as well as the captain of the Soul Society’s covert ops unit. Due to her background, she is a master of small weapons like blades and razor wire. She is also incredibly fast and can defeat many foes in a single attack using her blinding speed. Yoruichi is a master of energy attacks that take the form of lightning and prove to be very powerful. Although she spends much of her time as a small black cat, do not let this expert of deception and assassination fool you.


“Just like a person holding a sword trying to protect something. That maybe one’s life, or place in society, or reputation, things that one loves, things that one believes; it matters not if it’s good or bad, the will to ‘protect it’ does not change.”

Yoruichi Shihōin

3. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Yamamoto sitting


Ryujin Jakka / Zanka no Tachi


The captain-commander of the 13 Divisions, he has been in that position for over a thousand years. He is a master swordsman who created the Shino Academy. Due to his age and experience, he has amassed an immense spiritual strength that has no rival. He can fight with his bare hands just as effectively as he can with his zanpakto Riyujin Jakka, a blade disguised as a wooden staff. Ryujin Jakka is a fire weapon of incredible power that can reduce anything he wants into ash. His experience and conviction to the law of Soul Society has made him knowledgeable of when, and when not to, use his immense strength.


“Why, precisely, do you think I have served as Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 for a thousand years? Because in all those thousand years, no Shinigami was born to rival me in strength.”


2. Sōusuke Aizen

Aizen with a menacing smile, strongest bleach character

Shikai & Bankai:

Kyoka Suigetsu / Unknown


Once the captain of Division 5, Aizen is a calm, unemotional, intellectual who reveals that he has been planning an attack on the Soul Society and the 13 Divisions all whilst disguising himself as a benevolent, kind-faced leader. Aizen is a manipulative individual that thinks of everyone as pawns in his games. He wears a cloak to hide his spiritual power so he can sneak around undetected, making his plans easier to carry out.

His zanpakto, Kyōka Suigetsu, is a very dangerous weapon that has the ability to completely hypnotize people’s five senses. Anyone who sees the release of the blade’s form is under its spell and can be manipulated into doing anything or attacking anyone. With his cold heart, keen mind, and mastery of hypnosis, Aizen proves to be the ultimate villain of the Bleach universe.


“Admiration is the furthest emotion from comprehension.”


1. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo kurosaki, the strongest bleach character

Shikai & Bankai:

Zangetsu / Tensa Zangetsu


Ichigo has been trained in martial arts since he was a small child. Because of this, and the many brawls he has been in during his school days, Ichigo has become a natural fighter. Perhaps his greatest asset is his ability to pick up and master new techniques quicker than most in anything he tries. He develops new forms and the powers as the story goes on, and quickly figures out how to take advantage of each form to defeat the strongest of enemies.

Ichigo is driven not by power and glory, but a strong loyalty to his friends and a stubborn will to never accept defeat, especially when others are at risk. Although skilled as a fighter and as a swordsman with his zanpakto , Zengetsu, his biggest strength is his will to defeat dangerous enemies, even if the fight seems impossible.


“I’m not superman, so I can’t say anything big like I’ll protect everyone on earth. I’m not a modest guy who will say it’s enough if I can protect as many people as my two hands can handle either. I want to protect a mountain-load of people.”

Ichigo Kurosaki

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